2006-05-23 Company Gets New Headquarters Oticon Inc, recently awarded the Innovation Cup 2006 as the most innovative Danish company, has opened its new high-tech headquarters just outside of Copenhagen. According to the company, the new Kongebakken headquarters is designed to create a working environment that fosters untraditional thinking, in addition to providing staff with the latest and most advanced technological tools needed to develop hearing solutions. Sound rooms and labs are located side by side with creative environments. Meeting facilities range from informal high-stooled coffee islands and idea lounges to table-less brainstorm bays, designed to support all phases in the development process. Writeable, movable walls help create an ideal setting for flexible project work. Every room in the building is unique, and all elements are integrated into the open floor plan with walls of glass to ensure transparency and openness. Oticon’s new headquarters offers the latest in fibernet infrastructure: Wireless laptops enable people to work anywhere in the house, and the “SmartWorker” concept has been applied to identify the right IT systems in order to improve transparency and minimize trivial non-value-creating activities.