To help shed some light and raise awareness on the growing epidemic of hearing loss and ear health problems, the Audiology Awareness Campaign (AAC) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare have partnered to educate consumers whoop may be slowly losing their hearing and think there is nothing they can do to prevent or treat it.

The AAC believes that while millions of Americans have hearing problems caused by various reasons, including exposure to loud noises, aging, excessive ear wax production or ear injury, few see an audiologist to address the issue. For more than 10 years, the ACC has worked as a not-for-profit foundation to educate the public about the importance of hearing care. Consisting of audiologists from around the country, the ACC strives to bring attention to hearing loss prevention, identification, and treatment. Efforts by the AAC range from educating high school students about hearing care to giving out earplugs at loud sporting events like NASCAR and the Super Bowl.

The partnership between GSK Consumer Healthcare and the ACC has led to the creation of an informational insert—Caring for your ears and hearing—to be placed inside the packaging of its earwax removal product. Beginning in July, more than 670,000 packages of the GSK product will include the insert, that includes key hearing health issues such as lowering your risk for hearing loss, maintaining proper ear hygiene, and information on where to turn for hearing health questions and concerns.