Amplicom™ USA has joined forces with the Foundation for Sight and Sound to donate specialized amplified telephones to individuals in need through the foundation’s Help America Hear (HAH) program.

Amplicom recently participated in the Bronx Gift of Sound Hearing Aid Mission on September 15, 2012 at Montefiore Hospital. It will also contribute amplified phones to the Long Island Day of Thanksgiving on November 17 at McQuire Hearing and Audiology Services in Riverhead, NY.

The HAH program gives people the “gift of sound” by partnering with manufacturers and providers. At each event, 40 hearing aids are given away to 20 people with hearing challenges and limited financial resources. Each individual also receives a hearing aid compatible Amplicom PowerTel 58 amplified telephone with an integrated answering machine, multi-user profiles for individual volume, tone control, and boost settings.

“The addition of hearing aid compatible, amplified telephones to our offerings is a significant step forward,” said Foundation for Sight and Sound founder Mitch Shapiro. “People with hearing loss often abandon the use of the telephone out of fear, embarrassment and frustration. This is one more way they can be included, not isolated.”

SOURCE: Amplicom USA