Salt Lake City Sonic Innovations Inc unveiled its new micro completely-in-the-canal hearing aid, Groove, at the AAA Conference in Chicago. Groove is the second new product to be released by Sonic Innovations this year.

“Groove is an exciting microCIC product offering for Sonic Innovations,” says the company’s president and COO Joe Lugara.  “It is virtually invisible, but with its powerful noise reduction processing, it has the ability to master noisy situations while providing the natural sound Sonic Innovations is known for.

“As our second new product to be released within the past 4 months, Groove represents the viability of our company’s goal to create a sustainable brand that will enable us to better meet the needs of our customers,” continues Lugara.  “Furthermore, it exemplifies that the William Demant Holding Group supports us in growing the new and invigorated Sonic brand.”

Groove is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.  Features include adaptive feedback cancellation, automatic noise reduction, and patented 24-channel Sonic Sound digital processing for natural sound quality. 

Sonic Innovations’ other product lines include Touch (receiver-in-canal hearing aids), Velocity (premium to affordable hearing aids), ion (open ear hearing aids), Endura (super power BTE hearing aids), and Varicom (wireless connectivity hearing aids). 

The Touch microRIC was named as the Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Awards winner at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

SOURCE: Sonic Innovations