May 2, 2008

After being live less than one week, has generated more than 3,000 letters to members of Congress in support of the Hearing Aid Tax Credit, according to statistics generated by the Better Hearing Institute.

The organization also reported that the site helped motivate 30 Californians to send personal letters to Sen Barbara Boxer (D-CA) who subsequently co-sponsored S. 1410.  Since then, those numbers reportedly have been surpassed in Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, and Indiana.  In addition, Rep Anna Eshoo (D-CA-14) co-sponsored H.R. 2329 last week, raising support to 81 members of the House and 9 in the Senate.

A tracking system associated with the Web site can identify hot spots of tax credit support, according to sources at BHI, which the organizations report they hope will the hearing industry to target meetings with Congressional staff and possible district events. The Hearing Industries Association and BHI have announced they both encourage visits to the site by those connected to the hearing industry and their family, friend, and colleagues.