Coalition logo_86_transparent For a fifth consecutive year, multiple disciplines worldwide will confer about global hearing health care concerns during the 5th Coalition for Global Hearing Health Conference to be held at St. Catherine’s College, in Oxford,  England, on July 25-26, 2014. The purpose of each annual conference is to provide an opportunity for otolaryngologists, audiologists, deaf educators, speech pathologists, policy makers, philanthropic leaders, deaf and hard of hearing individuals, and families to work together to raise awareness of  important issues relative to hearing health in the developing world.  Conference co-organizers, James E. Saunders, MD, (of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical) and Jackie L. Clark, PhD, (of University of Texas at Dallas), have long established roots in international and humanitarian arenas. 

Past conferences have been hosted by other world recognized facilities:  Vanderbilt University, Nashville (2012); EduPlex, South Africa (2012); House Ear Institute, Los Angeles (2011); American Academy of Otolaryngology, Washington, DC (2010).

For more details about the upcoming or past conferences, visit the Coalition for Global Hearing Health website:

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