Listen Technologies Corporation, a provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 23 years, has partnered with Livella Brand Group, a Kansas-based manufacturer’s representative organization for professional audio brands.   

Livella will sell and recommend Listen Technologies’ full suite of wireless communications solutions, including the newest additions in the Listen EVERYWHERE audio over Wi-Fi line of products, to systems integrators, professional audio retailers, consultants, and customers in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Southern Illinois.  

“We are thrilled to work with Listen Technologies, a brand renowned for innovative listening solutions and exceptional customer and partner support,” said Adam Livella, president of Livella Brand Group. “Listen Technologies continues to bring highly impactful solutions to market that meet customers’ unique listening needs and foster inclusion.” 

Livella has been representing professional audio brands since 2015 and has earned “a reputation for excellence because of its commitment to learning everything relevant about the brands it markets.”

“Livella Brand Group has a sterling reputation and comes highly recommended, so they were an easy choice for this rapidly growing region for Listen Technologies,” said Sam Nord, vice president of global channel sales at Listen Technologies. 

About Livella Brand Group 

Livella Brand Group “possess a passion for excellence as defined by quality behavior and actions.” As the company describes it, each member of its sales and marketing team embraces a culture of intellectual curiosity, which drives them to learn everything relevant about the reseller, and continuously serve them in a way which fosters mutual growth and development. 

About Listen Technologies  

Listen Technologies helps “enrich lives by delivering audio directly to the individual so everyone can hear clearly and share in the same great experience.” The company helps people listen and participate in environments where hearing is difficult, whether on a guided or self-guided tour, in a house of worship, a theme park, theater, or other venue. The company’s solutions provide ‘technology and storytelling services that help venues and tour operators increase business.” To learn more about how Listen Technologies provides a better way to hear the world, visit:

Source: Listen Technologies

Images: Listen Technologies, Livella Brand Group