Hear Again America, an audiologist-owned hearing healthcare company with over 35 corporate retail locations in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Maryland, announced the establishment of new Hear Again America franchises in four territories in less than 2 months.

“We’re very excited that the turn-key model that we’ve created has generated such great interest in markets across the country,” says co-founder Robert Morrison, AuD. “The attraction to the business opportunity is directly attributed to Hear Again America’s commitment to provide excellence and accessibility to hearing healthcare nationwide.” 

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According to the company, the Hear Again America franchise model, announced in May, was developed in the interest of breaking barriers to independent practice ownership. From real-estate selection to established marketing programs, the franchise team has built a straightforward, comprehensive package for owners. Based on the model, franchisees stand to benefit from existing systems and expert guidance that reduce the risk incurred by new establishments.  

“We are very happy about the enthusiasm surrounding our organization and the franchise world,” adds co-founder Asaf Peled. 

To learn more about Hear Again America franchises, visit https://franchising.hearagainamerica.com/