CILcare, a CRO dedicated to ear disorders, and Knotus, a Korean non-clinical CRO, announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership that aims to “accelerate the development of therapeutics to prevent and treat hearing disorders.” According to the announcement, CILcare and Knotus will be working together to propose to pharmaceutical, veterinary, nutraceutical, and medical devices industries CILcare’s R&D services to “support the safety and efficacy of their products on auditory functions.”

As there are still no drugs on the market to treat tinnitus and hearing loss, there is an urgent need to find effective treatment for the sake of patients. 

“Knotus has an outstanding reputation in the life science industry in Korea. It is, for CILcare, an ideal partner providing differentiated services based on veterinary expertise and experience in various fields including ophthalmology, oncology, inflammation, and CNS,” said Wahid Awad, CILcare’s Chief Business Officer. “Korea is a highly dynamic market for the biopharmaceutical industry where companies invest a significant part of their budget in R&D to launch new drugs. We know it is also an innovative hub for regenerative medicines with abundant early adopters seeking advanced therapies.” 

“We are excited to partner with CILcare. This partnership brings us a rare expertise in neurotology which will allow us to provide compelling auditory R&D services to our customers across South Korea, China, Japan, and Australia to address a major public health concern,” said JungRae Kim, overseas sales director at Knotus. “Knotus will also benefit from CILcare’s network in the animal health industry in Europe, thereby strengthening its leadership position in the pet business and answering the growing demand of veterinary medicines.” 

The CILcare & Knotus partnership will be in the spotlight during BIO Korea 2021, a Korean convention sponsored by CILcare, that “connects innovative actors from the bio industry.” Bio Korea is taking place online and on-site from June 9-11, 2021. 


CILcare is an R&D services company specialized in hearing disorders. Based in Montpellier, Boston, Paris, and Copenhagen, CILcare has become a “one-stop partner for the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, med-tech, veterinary, and nutraceutical companies, developing novel therapies for people with ear disorders.”

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Knotus is a Korean non-clinical CRO providing domestic and overseas pharmaceuticals and bioventure services “necessary for the development process of medicine and health functional foods.”

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Source: CILCare, Knotus

Image: Knotus