Earlens, a provider of hearing solutions and telehealth-enabled audiology services, announced the renaming of Earlens Hearing Centers under a new clinical identity of Virsono Hearing Centers, effective April 2024.

The New Virsono Hearing Centers

Earlens’ decision to rebrand the hearing centers to Virsono Hearing Centers reflects clarifying the company’s commitment to broadening hearing care treatment and to meeting the evolving needs of patients and practitioners alike, the company says.

The name “Virsono” carries significance to the company, representing a fusion of values and capabilities:

  • “Vir” embodies virtue and skill, symbolizing the excellence of its clinicians and its hybrid virtual model, which ensures patients have access to national top-tier audiology expertise from each of our centers.
  • “Sono” stems from the Latin word “sonus,” signifying exceptional sound quality and capability, the company says.

“Our investment in Virsono Hearing Centers underscores our commitment to partnering with ENT and Audiologists to deliver the most comprehensive care for the treatment of hearing loss,” says Bill Facteau, president and CEO of Earlens. “Virsono Hearing Centers better reflects our mission to provide the best technology for patients and deliver the finest patient experience and service in the industry.” 

Ongoing Hearing Care Services

Virsono Hearing Centers will continue to provide the same level of care, led by a team of clinicians and dedicated staff members. Patients can expect seamless continuity in service and unwavering commitment to their hearing health.

“I am very excited about the new expansion for Virsono Hearing Centers. Their growth across the United States will help otolaryngologists like me deliver the highest level of hearing treatment for our numerous hearing loss patients,” says Jim Hartman, MD, Sound Health Services.

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