Financing options make equipment purchases more manageable for hearing healthcare practices.

Request a quote, call for options, and get approval.

Request a quote, call for options, and get online approval.

Audiology Systems, a US distributor of GN Otometrics products such as AURICAL®, MADSEN® and ICS®, as well as other audiology and vestibular equipment, announced a recent partnership with New Jersey-based Horizon Keystone Financial to provide financing services for equipment purchases. 

With increasing competition and a growing focus on costs, more independent practice owners and purchasing professionals are looking for ways to maximize their annual budget to meet operating expenses.  

“We are excited to partner with a customer-centric company like Audiology Systems,” says Corinne Beyer, vice-president of sales at Horizon Keystone Financial. “We understand that growing companies, such as independent practices, often need large cash disbursements to make an investment.”

According to Beyer, the company’s commercial finance programs are convenient solutions that are tailored to meet the operating needs of a clinic or hospital-based practice.

Audiologists and other hearing healthcare professionals can benefit from significant federal tax savings and convenient payment options offered through the new financing service.

“This year, up to $25,000 worth of financed equipment purchases will qualify for a 100% tax deduction,” says Beyer. “Those who are included in the Internal Revenue Service’s 35% tax bracket can save up to $8750.”

“Similar to our approach with product solutions, we are constantly thinking of ways to make the investment more manageable for our customers,” says Michel Jurgens, general manager, Audiology Systems. “The new financing service is just another example of how Audiology Systems is taking customer care to a whole new level.”

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