Each Ear, LLC announced the unveiling of the caregiver training video, “Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers,” a no-cost 40-minute video course covering:

  • Consistent hearing aid wearing,
  • The various styles of hearing aids,
  • Powering hearing aids on and off,
  • Safeguarding hearing aids and loss prevention,
  • Hearing aid cleaning and maintenance,
  • Hearing aid insertion,
  • When to reach out to a medical professional or a hearing aid professional,
  • Resources for caregivers.

“This is the appropriate level of training for caregivers. It’s basic, but thorough, and it’s designed specifically for caregivers. It increases caregiver confidence,” said Dr Venema, one of the instructors.

Another instructor, Dr Calderon, added: “Proper hearing aid cleaning and care improves the residents’ living experience. This training also helps prevent the loss of, and damage to their hearing aids.”

Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers is a public service of Each Ear, LLC and is free to caregivers and facilities. Caregivers receive a Certificate of Completion.

“Caregivers are essential; we want to honor and support them,” Jeffrey Szmanda, President of Each Ear, LLC, said. “Each Ear is supporting all caregivers with this specialized, yet easy-to-understand training video, and they are doing it at no cost to caregivers or caregiving facilities. This training is needed and appreciated. I encourage the associations of caregiving facilities and home caregiving providers, to let their membership know that this relevant, practical, and free education is available. Their caregivers will gain confidence and those for whom they provide care will benefit greatly from improved hearing aid outcomes.”

Visual storyteller Evan Atwood commented on the production of the video: “This training video is clear, concise, detailed, and arranged with great care. It is engaging to watch, from start to finish. I highly recommend this video for caregivers!”

Caregiver organizations, associations, and their members can view Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers at: www.HearingAidTraining.com.

Source: Each Ear, LLC

Image: Each Ear, LLC