Phonak has issued a call for nominations for the 2016 Cheryl DeConde Johnson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Educational and Pediatric Audiology. Phonak introduced this award in 2007 to honor US educational and pediatric audiologists who demonstrate outstanding work and commitment to advocating and improving communication and academic outcomes of children.

The award is named for Cheryl DeConde Johnson, EdD, FAAA, the first hearing health professional to receive the award for her many years working as an educational audiologist and deaf educator, including 15 years successfully directing the audiology and deaf education programs for the state of Colorado.

An announcement from Phonak outlined the Cheryl DeConde Johnson Award nomination criteria.

Each nomination needs to include the following information:

Part 1:

  • Nominee’s name, address, current employer (or affiliated organization) and current position
  • Name and phone number of nominator
  • List of accomplishments made by the nominee which qualify him/her for this award
  • Examples of leadership positions held in EAA, AAA or other recognized organizations
  • List of articles, reports, handbooks or other papers authored by the nominee
  • List of recent lectures or training seminars presented to the hearing healthcare community Recent volunteer work conducted by the nominee

Part 2:

In 500 words or less, please explain to the nomination committee why your nominee should be selected to win the award.

Phonak says that nominators should email their nomination submissions in a Word Document or PDF attachment, along with any other relevant correspondence, to [email protected].

The deadline for nominations is December 1, 2015.

According to Phonak, past award winners include 2014 award recipient Tina Childress, MA, CCC-A, an educational audiologist at CASE Audiology and a cochlear implant outreach specialist and trainer for the Illinois School for the Deaf Outreach Program. Tina is a respected guide and mentor to children, teens and adults with hearing loss as well as a professional resource to those who work in the hearing loss field, says Phonak. She’s also a popular presenter, trainer and adjunct lecturer to families and professionals on a variety of topics relating to hearing loss but especially cochlear implants, assistive technology, leveraging social media, and using apps in both deaf education and audiology.

Phonak reports that the 2013 award recipient was Erin C. Schafer, PhD, an associate professor in speech and hearing sciences at the University of Northern Texas. Erin has continually been on the forefront of published research in the areas of appropriate FM settings, evaluation of FM benefit, and FM orientation, says Phonak, particularly in the context of use with cochlear implants. She also has explored other FM research topics such as evaluating the benefit of ear level FM systems for children on the autism spectrum with normal hearing.

The Award Selection Committee

In addition to honorary chairperson Cheryl DeConde Johnson, the selection committee is reported to include Evert Dijkstra, managing director, Phonak Communications AG, Switzerland; Angela Pelosi, head of pediatrics, Phonak, Switzerland; Bill Dickinson, AuD, vice president, audiology, Phonak US, Christine Jones, AuD, director of pediatric clinical research, Phonak US; and Miranda Weidle, director of sales, pediatrics and schools, Phonak US.

Source: Phonak