Beltone relaunched its U.S. website, focusing on lead generation and analytic reporting for its independent network.

Beltone announced the relaunch of its U.S. website with a focus on lead generation and analytic reporting at the local level for its independent network. The updated website has been designed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for patients and caregivers while also delivering valuable data through an easy-to-access and comprehensive dashboard for independent owners.

“Our goal is to provide our independent network of owners with the tools and resources necessary to enhance their business performance and attract more patients to their local offices,” said David Molella, president of Beltone North America. “The new site is modern and intuitive and provides insights to help our owners make informed decisions about marketing and business strategies.”

With the new site, owners can customize their location page with tools such as a curated image library, special offers, and events that reflect the needs of their local market. For patients and caregivers, when they first visit, the site intuitively highlights the nearest location to the user along with the hearing care professionals that work there, when the next available appointments are, and the specific services they offer to solve their hearing loss.

Some of the enhanced user features include a new chat functionality with AI and the integrated ability to book an appointment, an updated online hearing assessment, and a guided help experience. When booking an appointment, patients can now select if they’re a current patient, new patient, or if they would like a virtual appointment. The website has been designed to be ADA compliant, with larger, clearer text as well as video transcripts for those with disabilities.

“The Beltone brand is well recognized for its exceptional customer service, which is provided at the local office level, so we made that a priority on our updated site,” said Dan McCoy, vice president of marketing at Beltone. “We want our patients and caregivers to discover Beltone when they first begin their search. By introducing them to the people who will be working with them in advance, we hope to make their appointment an even more welcoming experience while we guide them along their journey to better hearing.”

For those interested in taking advantage of the new website tools and resources along with the additional benefits you get when you are part of Beltone’s award-winning network of independent owners, visit