audifon_logo After six months of construction, a new production wing has been added to the  current manufacturing plant and headquarters of audifon located at Kölleda, Thuringia, Germany. This signifies an era of growth as more manufacturing capacity is needed to cope with the increasing demands of audifon hearing systems, made only in Germany.

With increasing sales and growing employees at audifon GmbH Co. KG, a company belonging to the KIND group, Jörg Hensel, Managing Director of audifon, says, “Since the completion of the new extension, we have already been able to fulfil 7 out of 20 planned new jobs.” He explained that the remaining positions will be filled in the coming months.

Besides the new building, the hearing device manufacturer says it has updated and optimized its existing space. It plans to carry out more renovation work in phases that will create a work environment encourages creativity and promotes a harmonious workplace for all its employees.

“With the new extension and the redesigned existing space, we are ideally placed for further growth resulting from ever increasing demand in the market”, says Hensel.

The company adds that it is set to launch a new behind-the-ear hearing aid with external receiver by end of September 2014. It will be available in 9 colors and a choice of two external receivers with differing amplification performance depending on the degree of hearing impairment. The receiver “S” has an amplification value of 45 dB/110 dB; the receiver “M” has an amplification value of 55 dB/117 dB.

Source: audifon