Audicus, a provider of telehealth hearing aids, has announced the opening of its partnership clinic with Safeway, the Lone Tree Hearing Clinic, a concept that is said to provide affordable hearing aid prices with in-person support.

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Led by Jordan Bennis, NP, the clinic is focused on providing “5-star audiology customer service without the hefty price tag of up to $8,000 that usually comes along with in-person healthcare and hearing aids.” The clinic is said to offer a comprehensive suite of services including hearing tests, programming and fitting of hearing aids, repairing damaged aids, and support for those living with tinnitus or other hearing challenges.

Local customer, Pat Liston, recently visited the clinic and said, “I was absolutely amazed when I put my new hearing aids in for the first time. I went to the Denver location and saw Jordan and he was so professional and courteous. I highly recommend Jordan. He is so detail-oriented and will go the extra mile to help.” 

The Lone Tree Hearing Clinic encourages customers to come back for all their hearing care needs during their 45-day, no risk trial. Additionally, Audicus is said to have a full staff of friendly customer service agents that can assist patients every step of the way in-person, on the phone, via email, or text.  

“Our clinic’s top priority is providing the highest quality hearing care by following the highest quality safety standards,” said Bennis NP, clinic operator, Lone Tree Hearing Clinic. “Strict protocols have been implemented including mandatory mask wearing, regular sanitization, and enforcing social distancing measures. It’s all about making this clinic a safe place where people can get the audiology care they need in-person without risking the safety of their health.”

Source: Audicus