Soundly has announced a beta test of a new ChatGPT integrated feature, Ask Soundly. The user-friendly tool is aimed at enhancing the online experience for consumers.

Soundly’s new innovative feature allows site visitors to ask hearing health questions to a secured chatbot and receive accurate responses in natural language.

Ask Soundly is one of the company’s many efforts to help consumers navigate the hearing health market since the over-the-counter ruling was enacted in October 2022.

The new AI chat feature is currently available to interact with on Consumers can ask a wide range of hearing health and hearing aid questions and receive personalized responses in natural language.

Restricted controls are in place to stop chats unrelated to the information on the Soundly website, and searches are anonymized before reaching the GPT-4.

Ask Soundly leverages a robust library of vetted hearing health content along with the language capabilities of GPT-4.

Ask Soundly is trained with a wide array of technical information around specific hearing-related topics, giving users the power to troubleshoot and research in meaningfully new ways. Examples of Ask Soundly’s use cases include answering questions like “What are the best invisible hearing aids?” and “How can I pair my hearing aids to iPhone?”

Ask Soundly can also answer general questions like “What are the symptoms of hearing loss?” or “How long does a hearing test usually take?”.

Soundly’s team, including lead audiologist Dr Amy Sarow, and technical partners at Hunt Gather developed Ask Soundly with consumer experience and accuracy in mind. Some of the feature’s attributes are:

  • Accuracy: The ChatGPT algorithm specifically references Soundly’s content library, which will significantly decrease the chances of hallucinations, giving consumers a more reputable and detailed alternative to what ChatGPT offers directly.
  • Safety: Restricted controls are in place and will stop chats unrelated to the information on the Soundly website.
  • Privacy: All searches are anonymized before reaching the GPT-4, Soundly will also include disclosures and instructions to consumers to prevent sharing sensitive information.

Image courtesy of Soundly