Amptify and Blueprint Solutions have announced a partnership and an integration of their cloud-based audiology software for hearing healthcare professionals.

Blueprint OMS has built a reputation as “the most scalable, customizable, configurable, and user-friendly office management system available for hearing healthcare today — developed with input from healthcare providers and backed with superior support and service,” according to the companies’ announcement. With this integration, clinicians who wish to refer patients to the Amptify DTx can now automatically do so through the Blueprint OMS email marketing automation feature.

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Using the Amptify Provider Portal and outsourcing aural rehabilitation with the Amptify DTx, clinics can “improve patient satisfaction, increase new hearing aid use time, save money on patient-initiated visits, and efficiently achieve ASHA and AAA best-practice aural rehabilitation recommendations.”

Amptify was founded in 2015 by an aural rehabilitation research team as a university spin-off from the Audiovisual Speech Perception Laboratory led by Professor Nancy Tye-Murray at the Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine. Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), research in this university lab began to develop products for individuals with hearing loss that improve their ability to communicate, along with their social, psychological, and physical sense of well-being. Amptify represents the culmination of decades of NIH-sponsored research.

Blueprint Solutions was founded in 2005 in Toronto, Canada. Opening its US office in 2009, it now supports hearing clinics in 17 countries, making it “the fastest growing office management software in the hearing industry,” according to the company. Blueprint OMS is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Danish, Japanese, and Hungarian. Blueprint OMS is more than an office management system; it is described as “a foundation for managing and growing your business.” Blueprint OMS provides, well… a blueprint for improved staff efficiency, patient retention, and increased sales.

Source: Amptify, Blueprint Solutions