Signia announced it will showcase the Augmented Xperience (AX) platform at the AAA 2022 + HearTECH Expo conference, marking the first time the technology will be demonstrated in-person at a national audiology industry trade show. Additionally, Signia experts will lead 20 courses at the show, several of which offer CEUs, to provide hearing care professionals (HCPs) with a variety of trainings, analysis, and practical advice on the company’s latest technologies and the industry’s most pressing trends.

Attendees can visit Signia during AAA 2022, March 30-April 2, at America’s Center Convention Complex in St Louis, Missouri, at Booth #809.

“Signia has and will always provide our HCP partners with innovative hearing solutions, support through expert trainings and education, and dedicated service excellence – all of which will be on display at AAA 2022,” said Mike O’Neil, President of Signia US. “After three years, we look forward to meeting in-person with the AAA community to showcase our latest solutions and education that will help our HCP partners elevate their practices and enhance their patients’ human performance.”

Signia’s Augmented Xperience platform is rooted in the “world’s first Augmented Focus technology that processes speech and background noise separately to create a clear contrast between the two.” It then recombines them to “deliver outstanding speech clarity even in a fully immersive soundscape – like a crowded cafe or an open office environment.”

Studies have shown that Signia AX results in greater than 25% better speech understanding in noise compared to users’ own hearing aids. Additionally, 95% of study participants reported excellent speech understanding in their home environment.[1] 

Signia will be demonstrating its Signia Pure Charge&Go AX and Signia Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids at its trade show booth. The company will also be showcasing for the first time several new features, including hands-free capability for iOS phones, designed to offer greater convenience and a better sound experience – as well as a new model on the AX platform.

Learn From the Experts During Signia’s CEU-eligible Courses

Throughout AAA 2022, Signia experts will lead 20 presentations to educate attendees on the latest technology and relevant industry trends. 

Signia course highlights include “The Evolution of Power Consumption in Hearing Aids,” “Making Sense of Recent Hearing Aid Innovations: How They Work and How They Differ,” “In an Ever-changing Industry, Signia Delivers,” and four research podium sessions from ORCA-USA. For the full list of Signia’s course offerings at AAA 2022, click here.

“Hearing technology and treatment options are evolving faster than ever before, which means that it’s vital for HCPs to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and what they mean for their patients,” said O’Neil. “We’ve created a robust course offering to ensure we’re delivering HCPs the education and expert trainings they require to continue to enhance the lives of their patients through improved hearing.”

To learn more about Signia’s presence at AAA 2022, visit here:

[1] Jensen NS, Pischel C, Taylor B, Schulte M. Performance of Signia AX in at-home listening situations. Signia white paper.,with%20their%20own%20hearing%20aids. Published May 18, 2021.

Source: Signia

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