Sivantos, the manufacturer of Signia brand hearing aids, recently held its annual US Signia National Sales Meeting in Short Hills, New Jersey, Signia announced. This year’s weeklong training event included a philanthropic opportunity for the sales and other customer-facing departments, with approximately 110 employees working along with about 20 customers to assemble 35,000 meals for hungry children suffering in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico.


This philanthropic event was conducted in partnership with My Neighbor’s Children, an organization that assists people in need both domestically and abroad. Their “No Child Hungry” program focuses on feeding children by creating “meal packing” events, holding food drives, and offering financial support. These meals are reportedly certified and regulated by the FDA, and designed to be nutritious and filling.

“No Child Hungry” volunteers provided the supplies and trained Signia attendees on how to pack the meals safely and efficiently. It took approximately 1.5 hours for the group to assemble the meals, which consisted of six-serving bags of fortified rice and soy protein, according to Signia’s announcement. The meals were immediately shipped to Florida to be loaded onto a ship along with other donations earmarked for Puerto Rico.

“When we can all come together as a team and give back, it makes a huge difference,” said Steve Mahon, CEO of Sivantos US. “We thank ‘No Child Hungry’ for giving us the chance to help the most vulnerable; the children left hungry and displaced by these natural disasters.”

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Source: Signia, My Neighbor’s Children

Images: Signia