To recognize hearing care professionals for their work in 2021, as well as in the spirit of the holiday season, ReSound announced it is donating $25,000 to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). 

“We make this donation on behalf of hearing care professionals, as we further bring our shared mission of ‘Hear More, Do More, Be More to life,’” said Mikkel Knudsen, President of ReSound Commercial US. “We appreciate all the work that HLAA does every day to support people with hearing loss in providing essential resources and education programs that promote hearing health.” 

ReSound is also a national sponsor of the HLAA Walk4Hearing events. In 2021, these events raised more than $1 million, ReSound said, which assists in providing funds for education and resources in local communities. 

“The Hearing Loss Association of America values our partnership with ReSound,” said Barbara Kelley, executive director, HLAA. “We share the goal of wanting to reach more people who need to take that important first step to address their hearing. This holiday donation supports our outreach with the message that hearing health is critical to overall health.” 

About ReSound
ReSound was “the first hearing aid brand to be Made for iPhone,” bringing direct streaming from hearing aids into the iPhone era. It also “pioneered the development of 2.4 GHz wireless technology and made it possible to receive advanced at-home hearing care during COVID-19,” according to the company.

About GN Group
The GN Group enables people to ‘Hear More, Do More, and Be More’ through its intelligent hearing, audio, and video collaboration solutions. Inspired by people and driven by our innovation leadership, the company says it leverages “technological synergies between our hearing and audio divisions to deliver unique and increasingly individualized user experiences in our products and solutions.”

150 years ago, GN was founded with a “truly innovative and global mindset.” Today, the company honors that legacy with expertise in the human ear, sound and video processing, wireless technology, miniaturization, and collaborations with technology partners.

Source: ReSound