From October 7-8, experts in the fields of autism, education, psychology, and hearing and speech sciences convened at Phonak US headquarters in Warrenville, Ill to discuss the assessment and management of listening challenges in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
inside_group_ASD Experts

Ten leading clinicians and researchers reflected on the current state of knowledge, identified critical questions to be addressed through ongoing research, and discussed an approach to addressing functional auditory deficits. The two-day workshop also examined the effectiveness of remote microphone technology and auditory training for addressing listening challenges in children with ASD.

“We are excited to support this pioneering work to further our understanding of listening deficits in children with ASD and how they can be addressed with Roger technology,” said Andrea Dunn, AuD, PhD, Phonak’s pediatric clinical development manager. “Phonak will continue to team with experts to advance research and clinical efforts in this area with the ultimate goal of reducing listening challenges and improving communication among children with autism spectrum disorders and their family, friends, teachers, and peers.”

Source: Phonak

Image: Phonak