Minneapolis – Hansaton USA released the AQ X-Mini at the AAA convention in Chicago. It’s the company’s first rechargeable system with an RIC design and digital processing.

With an operating time of 20 hours per charge and a guaranteed battery life of 5 years, the AQ X-Mini offers a high-end digital hearing aid with Hansaton’s smallest RIC receiver.

The company also reports a charge time of 2 to 4 hours and a system that prevents overcharging or battery memory issues.

Another unique feature is Hansaton’s charge station, which uses an inductive charging system, eliminating electrical contacts that have the potential to corrode and wear out. With the charge station, users simply place the AQ X-Mini on the station, and the batteries begin charging.

In addition, the sealed battery compartment reduces moisture ingress, extending the life of the hearing system, and increases reliability by eliminating any chance of inserting the wrong battery.

“Combining rechargeability with digital processing and a superb RIC design makes this the most trouble-free hearing instrument on the market today,” commented Robert Eastman, president of Hansaton USA, in the press release.

SOURCE: Hansaton