Miracle-Ear announced that Butler, Penn resident, George Pyle won the company’s Grand Prize, 7-day Hawaiian cruise for two. Pyle, a customer of Miracle-Ear for the past three years, won the all-expenses-paid trip in a national contest, which now gives him the chance to visit four of the Hawaiian Islands. The week-long vacation giveaway received over 16,000 entries and was part of a nationwide landmark celebration for the company’s 71st anniversary in which Miracle-Ear Centers across the country provided free hearing evaluations and special pricing on hearing aid products.

George and Carol Pyle

George and Carol Pyle

“With over 48 million American adults impacted by some degree of hearing loss, our goal was to bring awareness to the issue of hearing health,” said Vera Peterson, senior vice president, Miracle-Ear. “Our anniversary gave us a special chance to invite the community into our stores for free hearing tests and a chance to win a cruise. Plus, we were able to bring more awareness to the advancements in hearing aid solutions. Connecting with George, through his experience with hearing loss, makes this giveaway more special. We are excited to be sending George and his wife Carol on their first cruise and helping them celebrate 55 years of marriage.”

For over seven decades, Miracle-Ear has been “committed to eliminating the stigma around hearing loss and providing quality, life-changing resources.” Miracle-Ear has grown from its inception as a small electronics company in 1948 when founder, Ken Dahlberg, created the first Miracle-Ear hearing aid. Over 70 years later, Miracle-Ear is said to have more than 1,500 locations across the United States dedicated to helping millions of people hear better, according to the company. The first Miracle-Ear franchise in the United States was founded in 1984 in Harrisburg, Penn, by John Beall, and is now under the leadership of Julia C. Beall-McKelvey, John’s daughter.

Under their leadership, the Beall family has grown the practice to include 32 professional hearing centers across Pennsylvania, where their Miracle-Ear team of professionals have fit 160,000 hearing instruments that have helped more than 70,000 people, Miracle-Ear said in its announcement.

“Three years ago, I lost my hearing instantly after completing a few rounds at a shooting range,” said George. “After four months of hearing loss, I went to Miracle-Ear. The staff was helpful in fitting me with the right hearing aid. I’m so surprised to have won this trip. I’m looking forward to experiencing a cruise with my wife, Carol. We’ve been married for 55 years.”

To schedule a free hearing evaluation at a local Miracle-Ear Center, visit: www.Miracle-Ear.com.

Source: Miracle-Ear

Image: Miracle-Ear