Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, a Dentrex Company, introduces Task-Vision TV glasses, which help wearers focus on objects from 10 feet to infinity with clarity on the enlarged image, says the company. The glasses, which are specially designed for watching TV, maximize the size of a TV screen and other objects with a binocular telescope system, the company says.

The glasses are useful for other events and activities where a magnified image is desirable and helpful, such as lectures, sporting events, movies, theater and golf. The hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide a 2.0X magnification.

Each lens is individually adjustable by an easy dialing system, which allows for future site-changing conditions.The frame can be worn as a regular pair of glasses, or will fit over prescription glasses. The lenses are scratch-resistant and come with a cleaning cloth.

For more information or to order, contact the company at (856) 795-6199 or visit the Web site.

[Source: Vision]