The Positively Pink campaign launched by Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, introduces Oticon Dual Think Pink, a new addition to the Dual portfolio. In October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the company says it will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the special edition Dual Think Pink and all Dual hearing devices to the American Cancer Society to support breast cancer research.

The new device is based on the company’s ultra-fast RISE platform and delivers the same enhanced bandwidth, significantly higher levels of processing power, and wireless connectivity as other hearing instruments in the Dual family, says the company.

The company will promote Delta Think Pink with marketing materials such as ads, posters, postcards, and desktop displays, and encourage hearing care professionals and their clients to participate in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” noncompetitive walks planned nationwide in October. A a team of Oticon employees, wearing Dual Think Pink T-shirts, will again travel from the company’s headquarters to New York City’s Central Park to participate in one of country’s largest American Cancer Society walks.

Using binaural processing, binaural synchronization, and binaural coordination, Dual provides the acoustic cues needed to distinguish subtle differences in sound intensities and the direction of sound origins, says the company. The resulting spatial awareness enables users to easily prioritize and “zoom in” on a particular signal of interest—even when competing sound is louder than that signal. This greatly enhances everyday listening by making it easier and faster for users to orientate themselves, especially in challenging acoustic environments, according to the company.

Dual also enables users to enjoy television at a level that won’t drive others out of the room and to speak on landline or mobile phones without fear of embarrassment from whistling or feedback, says the compay. The device virtually eliminates feedback with a new and improved dynamic feedback cancellations system, according to the company. A new AutoPhone feature allows Dual to automatically switch to dedicated phone programs for an enhanced listening experience.

With the optional Streamer device, users can wirelessly connect the device to the television, home phone, or cell phone with the touch of a button. The signal is instantly transmitted to both ears. For users who desire more control, the Streamer can function as a remote control to easily adjust volume, switch to phonecoil, or select up to four different listening programs.

The Dual family is offered in two series and at six price points. The Dual Connect Series features wireless connectivity and includes the Dual XW, Dual W, and Dual V. Dual Connect provides wireless access to Bluetooth-enabled communication and entertainment devices through the optional Streamer companion device. The Dual Mini series that includes Dual m9, Dual m7, and Dual m5 offers the sound-processing advantages of the RISE platform in a tiny 10A size shell, says the company.

Dual is housed in a robust single shell construction with no hinges. The shell’s nanocoating helps keep the device moisture- and corrosion-free. The new instrument gives wearers up to 140 hours of battery life from a standard 312 battery, according to the company.

[Source: Oticon]