Despite the fact that we value individuality, humans adjust their actions to be more aligned with that of their peers in an ongoing effort to not stand out from the group, to not be perceived as different. In Hearing to the Max, a new book by John Greer Clark, PhD, aims to improve communication in challenging listening situations.

Even the best fit hearing aids can only restore half of the degree of lost hearing, often leaving hearing aid users with considerable residual deficit. When patients make an effort to improve hearing beyond the limitations of what technology (eg, hearing aids) can provide, they find they need to set themselves apart from others.  They need to draw attention to their difference.  They need to discuss their hearing loss.  They need to tell others what they need them to do.  They need to step outside of the comfort of conformity; and by our very nature, this is difficult.

John Greer Clark, PhD

Through patient case stories, Hearing to the Max sheds light on how to confront the frequent nagging fears that hold people back from tackling what may seem too difficult or too uncomfortable to do.  Guided instructions are provided on rehearsing and mastering communication enhancement suggestions before using them in the “real world” and are given along with steps to make proven communication strategies a lifelong habit.

  • Dr Michael Harvey, Diplomate, Clinical Psychology, calls Hearing to the Max “an invaluable resource for persons with hearing loss, their significant others, and hearing care professionals.”
  • Dr Kris English, Professor Emeritus, University of Akron, says Hearing to the Max “is an essential travel guide for the patient journey that will leave readers more courageous, aware, skilled, prepared, and empowered.”
  • Dr Lorraine Gailey, Founding Director of Hearing Partners in the United Kingdom, praises Hearing to the Max “as one of the best, if not the best handbook ever written on the topic – a masterpiece.”

Available now through Amazon, Hearing to the Max should be recommended reading for those with hearing loss and their family members.

Source: John Greer Clark

Image: John Greer Clark