The EUHA conference will feature renowned speakers touching on a variety of influential topics

The EUHA has announced that the 2023 Digital EUHA Spring Conference will be held on March 31, 2023. The online event will present a mix of current specialist knowledge, and for the first time the spring conference will have an international focus, meaning that the lectures will be translated and presented in German and English. The digital exchange will kick-off at 9 a.m. and will include live chats with the speakers.

The lectures are subdivided into “Basic” or “Advanced” levels. Everyone, from trainees to experienced master craftsmen, will have the opportunity to learn new things – individually and adapted to their personal level of knowledge. “I am delighted that we will be able to present the EUHA Spring Conference in English for the first time this year. In this way, the international audience can get an update on the latest developments in the hearing healthcare industry” said EUHA President Beate Gromke.

The Digital EUHA Spring Conference offers presentations from the fields of public health policy, research, practical application, and communication. In addition to the technical or scientific/manufacturer-neutral lecture program, the EUHA offers a special program from the manufacturers. Current developments in the hearing instruments industry on the market, the latest technologies, and innovations will be presented.

The following is a glimpse of the program for the Conference.

The event will feature renowned lecturers, such as Jakob Stephan Baschab who will be speaking about current developments in the hearing aid sector, Professor Dr. Jürgen Tchorz of Lübeck Technical University will focus on “AI in hearing aids”, Hans-Christian Drechsler on “possibilities & opportunities of OTC hearing aids”. Michael Preuss will look into “Digitization in hearing aid acoustics”, along with Harald Bonsel addressing “How do we wish to fit hearing instruments in the future?”. Dr Hendrik Husstedt of the German Hearing Aids Institute (DHI) will present the “60118- 16 standard”, which for the first time contains definitions and test methods for typical features in hearing aids, such as noise or feedback reduction.

Dr Susanne Wagner will provide information on “Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) in adolescents and adults” and define what is part of valid diagnostics. Board members of the Association of Audio Therapists in Germany (BdAt), Jana Verheyen and Claudia Dreher, will give an outline of aural therapy and rehabilitation, Olaf Kirschberger will provide details about “Smart safety in cases of emergency”, and Dr Dirk Oetting will give a presentation on “The true LOUDNESS fitting procedure in practice”.

Professor Dr Katrin Neumann will be tackling the “Therapy of developmental language disorders in children with hearing impairment – latest knowledge from a German interdisciplinary guideline”, presenting the latest findings from the German S3 Guideline. Sascha Haag is an expert in “The development of new signal processing strategies with the inclusion of auditory scene analysis”, while Nils Schapdick will offer a survey on First Fit 2023.

Dr Juliane Dettling-Papargyris will speak on the topic “From bench to bedside: What the current German AWMF guideline on chronic tinnitus means for hearing aid acousticians”. Simon Müller’s focus is on “Versatile fields of application for frequency following responses”.

Live chats with the lecturers will only be offered on March 31. The lectures will then be available online until May 31, 2023. For more information and to view a detailed program, visit the EUHA website.

Source: EUHA

Images: EUHA