Silverman A growing number of Americans are experiencing gradual hearing loss. As any Baby Boomer can confirm, aging and noise are the primary causes. Whether it is the din of traffic, overhead planes, TV, music, children at play—even “white noise” from household and office appliances—constant noise is a universal epidemic that adversely affects both health and hearing.

Seven years ago, in an effort to broaden worldwide public awareness of this growing dilemma, the private, not-for-profit League For the Hard of Hearing, in New York, established International Noise Awareness Day. Now observed in cities across Argentina, Canada, Holland, Germany, Austria, as well as domestically, the event is held annually to encouraged citizens to educate their communities to the threat of hearing loss through noise pollution. This year, International Noise Awareness Day will be recognized on April 24. For additional information, visit the league’s web site at

A note of apology to Everest Biomedical Instruments Company. A cutline in the January/February 2002 article, “A New Brand of Pioneers,” incorrectly stated the company’s location as Logan, Utah. The correct information is Chesterfield, Mo.

In the meantime, Hearing Products Report will be exhibiting at the American Academy of Audiology’s 14th annual convention from April 17-20, in Philadelphia. Please come by and meet us at Booth #1104. We look forward to meeting you.

Rogena Schuyler Silverman
Senior Editor
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