Otometrics/Audiology Systems—a distributor of Madsen, Aurical, ICS, and  Bio-logic branded hearing care and vestibular balance equipment—announced the 10-year anniversary of the Otosuite software interface. Introduced in 2007, the Otosuite supports the full patient journey from video otoscopy, to audiometry, diagnostic Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE), tympanometry, Probe Microphone Measurement (PMM), and beyond, according to the company.


Facilitating efficiency through software-based testing

“We are proud to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology,” said Mona Dworsack-Dodge, director of market management and audiology. “When the software integration with Otosuite was first introduced, the first integration simply combined tympanometry with counseling tools. Today, Otosuite brings it all together. Our innovation—every new module and feature enhancement—is inspired by a vision to help today’s clinicians help their patients in the most efficient and effective way,” she said.

Integrated instrumentation with the latest version of Otosuite include the new Madsen Zodiac immittance solution, Aurical Otocam 300 video otoscope, Madsen Astera2 audiometer, Madsen Capella2 for diagnostic OAE, as well as, the Aurical fitting solution with audiometry, PMM, and hearing instrument testing.

According to Lance Brown, director of software integration, “An integrated system simplifies your workflow. Because the Otosuite software operates as a module inside the Noah database, patient data loads quickly and test results—such as audiograms, tympanograms, OAE results—are automatically saved to the digital patient record in Noah.”

Customized training and audiology education services are available for professionals and practices who would like to transition to an integrated clinic, said the company. Otometrics/Audiology Systems’ training team helps professionals maximize Otosuite’s tools and features to streamline and personalize their workflow. Otosuite can be customized to meet the individual needs or it can be standardized to defined protocols across larger organizations.

Expanding beyond instrumentation

In addition to test modules, Otometrics also introduced an integrated report writer and patient database module in 2016. Otosuite Reports combines patient test data into a customized report—in both digital and print media format.

OTObase is a database module that connects audiology patient data to an existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) program.

“Integrating with OTObase is seamless, with the same look and feel as Noah, users can adopt a streamlined workflow to improve efficiency,” said Brown. “With OTObase customizable reports, a complete evaluation of all testing preformed gets submitted to the EMR/EHR with the click of a button. Users will immediately notice time savings of about 15 minutes compared to their old methods of printing, scanning, and more.”

He adds, “Specific to EMR and Otobase, dedicated Software Integration Group or SIG representatives can help bridge the gap between audiology and IT services allowing us to help with EMR/EHR integration. We can also help with data security, backup—aspects of audiology usually neglected.”

For a limited time, Otometrics/Audiology Systems is celebrating Otosuite’s 10-year Anniversary by offering audiologists and professionals in the United States a chance to win an Aurical Otocam 300—the video otoscope integrated in Otosuite [Entry code OTO17-PR]. For more information about Otosuite, the 10-year Anniversary offer, or to view a full line of integrated products within Otosuite, customers and interested professionals are encouraged to contact their local sales representative or the national Customer Care hotline (855) 283-7978.

Source: Otometrics/Audiology Systems