MA 42 audiometer.

MA 42 audiometer.

According to MAICO Diagnostics, this October marks a new beginning for the company as it launches new devices, a new website, and a new fresh look.

In the past year, MAICO has launched two new products designed to make hearing testing easy and portable for those of all professions. The MA 42 is a 2-channel air, bone, speech audiometer with built-in word lists, patient storage, and NOAH compatibility. The Ero-Scan®  Screener and Diagnostic PLUS is available in 2 versions: as a screener with 4 frequency DPOAE protocols, or as a full 12 frequency (DPOAE) diagnostic system.

The Ero-Scan®  Screener and Diagnostic PLUS.

The Ero-Scan Screener and Diagnostic PLUS.

“We have listened to our customers, and we think they will be quite pleased with this next generation,” says MAICO Diagnostics President Ron Perlt. “Not only are these products the best MAICO has seen, the new launch of the logo and website has brought new life to the company.”

The MAICO website provides more user-friendly navigation, updated product information, and a new knowledge center to help customers grow in the field of audiology.  The new website, along with MAICO’s goal, focuses on quality and service for their customers, says the company.

Source: MAICO Diagnostics