AudioStar_LowerStraight2_300_CMYKGrason Stadler (GSI), Eden Prairie, Minn, has announced significant updates to its GSI AudioStar Pro™. The update features more than 20 new enhancements including special test symbols, fine resolution frequency testing, and increased flexibility in speech testing. GSI says the enhancements are redefining the clinical standard making what it calls the industry-leading audiometer, even better.

New speech functions, such as “speech auto play” and “speech auto advance” allow the examiner maximum flexibility in speech testing. Word lists may be presented based on configurable time frames or controlled by the scoring of the responses. Pediatric testing has never been more seamless with the introduction of “auto frequency” selection and advancing, according to GSI. New sound-field symbols, such as tinnitus matching and cochlear implant, are included for accurate reporting on specialized evaluations.

Special test enhancements include expanded scoring options for the QuickSIN, addition of the BKB-SIN, and insert earphone support for the TEN test. Configuration updates have been implemented to provide efficiency to comprehensive testing. It is now possible to configure CH2 to change routing according to CH1 changes. Word lists are defined as favorites and assigned a test type for seamless one-button transition between speech testing.

In addition to the AudioStar Pro enhancements, GSI has also significantly updated its electronic audiometric data management solution, GSI Suite™. The company says this update complements and reflects the new features available in the AudioStar Pro and adds additional transfer functionality for the GSI TympStar™. This new version of GSI Suite has a powerful custom report designer to satisfy the unique reporting needs of every facility.

Source: Grason Stadler