Oticon Korea and Vanish International announced that Oticon Korea would become the sole supplier of Vanish International’s product Vanish for the country of Korea.

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Oticon is said to be one of the world’s “oldest and most respected” manufacturers of hearing aids. Vanish International is a Colorado-based company that manufacturers an aftermarket dying product that offers BTE and RIC hearing aid consumers an option to match their hearings to their skin color. Dr Robert Traynor, managing director of Vanish International, explained: “Hearing aid wearers worldwide prefer to minimize the visual appearance of their hearing aids. Although manufacturers such as Oticon have done a terrific job of designing products that hide behind the ear, the receiver wires and sound transmission tubes that connect the devices into the ear canal are visible. Vanish is the final piece of the puzzle that offers the ultimate in visual discretion with custom coloration.”

Traynor also emphasized that the choice of Oticon for the distribution of Vanish in Korea was based upon Oticon’s commitment to brining the best of all hearing products to all the people of Korea. Oticon, as the sole distributor of Vanish, will reportedly make the product available to all dispensers of hearing products within Korea. As the distributor of Vanish, Oticon Korea and their customers will enjoy marketing support, special pricing, and differentiation of their products from others in the marketplace, according to the press release. Vanish was voted the Best New Product at the 2014 American Academy of Audiology Convention in Orlando, Florida. Recently there has been a significant increase in interest in the company’s product which prompted the formation of Vanish International, LLC.

In an April 2014 article in the Hearing ReviewTraynor discussed the Vanish skin-colored receiver tube as a solution to individuals who would like to conceal their hearing aid equipment.

Vanish International is seeking highly qualified distributors for other countries. Check out our Vanish video and our website, then contact us for further information about distributing Vanish in your country at: [email protected] or +1 970 581-0500.

Source: Oticon, Vanish International

Images: Vanish International