Nuheara, Perth, Australia, has announced the launch of IQbuds MAX, described as “the first intelligent hearing buds with Active Noise Cancellation.” IQbuds MAX is said to deliver “natural sound with advanced noise cancellation personalized to the wearer’s unique hearing profile,” according to Nuheara’s announcement.

“One in six people are hearing challenged and the majority of them with mild-to-moderate hearing loss are currently unserved,” said Nuheara Co-founder David Cannington. “We have created IQbuds MAX for them. With IQbuds MAX you can do your own hearing assessment and auto-calibrate your buds using EarID from the comfort of your home. In just 10 minutes you can start to hear better with the world’s most advanced hearing bud personalized for you.”

IQbuds MAX features include:

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation — Advanced filtering circuitry helps create cancellation waves in the ear to reduce distracting sounds.
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing — Using three microphones to analyze and process sounds both inside and outside the ear IQbuds MAX triple core DSP system helps deliver enhanced sound, according to Nuheara. IQbuds MAX are said to have 5X more processing power than Nuheara’s award-winning IQbuds BOOST.
  • Sonic Accuracy — A 9.2mm dynamic driver helps improve sound quality, especially bass, according to Nuheara.
  • Dual-Noise Isolation — Helps deliver noise mitigation using passive isolation and hybrid ANC.
  • Smart Sensors — Can help enable or disable sound based on when the user is wearing the IQbuds MAX.
  • True Personalization — Nuheara’s proprietary EarID reportedly allows the user to assess their own hearing from the comfort of their home and then automatically calibrate the IQbuds to their own personal hearing profile. IQbuds MAX optimizes a 12-band wide dynamic range compression system for hearing augmentation.

IQbuds MAX also includes a magnetic charging case that delivers up to 32 hours of on-the-go hearing enhancement and 20 hours of Bluetooth streaming. Compatibility with Bluetooth 5 offers faster transfer over a longer range.

IQbuds MAX and IQstream TV were demonstrated for the first time at CES Unveiled. Nuheara will also demonstrate both products at CES 2019, in the Sands Expo, Booth #44946.

Source: Nuheara

Image: Nuheara