Microson, a Barcelona, Spain-based hearing aid manufacturer, announced that it will be present at the 62nd edition of the EUHA Congress, where it will present its new system, Nanoproof by Microson.

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The Nanoproof is designed to protect hearing aids both internally and externally with a material that is “halfway between a solid and a liquid,” according to Microson. The material is designed to cover all the components, particularly the smallest parts of a device, and to protect the hearing aid against humidity, sweat, and other external agents.

This new system is suitable for the brand’s complete line of hearing aids, and is designed to be durable and more long-lasting, according to Microson.

With over 60 years of experience, Microson manufactures and markets hearing solutions, which are the result of combining production with intensive work in research, development, and design. According to Microson, innovation has been a key component since the company’s beginning: it has worked to incorporate the best sound quality in all its products and provide the most effective features.

Twenty-five conferences and workshops have been scheduled for the Congress, which will take place from the October 18-20, 2017. The conferences and workshops will be given by experts from the United States, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and France, among others, and will focus on diagnostics, treatments, cochlear implants, and hearing solutions, among other topics.

Source: Microson