HTM discusses Maudey system on “This Week in Hearing”

Healthcare Technologies and Methods, LLC (HTM) announced that their award-winning, Maudey system for hearing aid patient empowerment was a recently featured topic on This Week in Hearing.

Maudey shares that their goal is to empower older adults for hearing aid success by providing a technology that is easy for seniors to use, especially by those who are not technology-savvy.

HTM was co-founded by Alan and Stephanie Letzt who combined their professional backgrounds in engineering, human factors and public health, and their shared passions for system usability and process simplification.

“In advance of our mid-March product launch, this interview provided an opportunity for us to explain three major concepts to hearing care providers: Maudey reinforces and expands patient education provided by audiologists, empowers patients and strengthens a practice’s ability to provide patient-centered and family-centered care, and complements the hearing aid manufacturers’ apps,” said Alan Letzt, president and CEO of HTM.

“My experiences in private practice and in ENT practices over the years were characterized by answering the same questions multiple times from many patients and playing ‘20 Questions’ to determine the specific problems they’ve been experiencing. Maudey has been designed to minimize both types of time consuming exercises and thus free up hours for seeing more patients and assisting patients who need the most help” added Maureen Wiskerchen, Director of Audiology at HTM.

A third participant in the posted interview was Dr Tom Powers, Executive Advisor to HTM. Powers explained the importance of patient empowerment to successful hearing aid use and outcomes and commented that “Most hearing aid patients are older adults, and they have a different way of learning that has been expertly addressed by Maudey’s design and content. Beginning March 15, 2023, Maudey will be made available for a subscription fee to hearing aid providers, manufacturers, and other healthcare organizations that can, in turn, offer Maudey access to the new hearing aid users that they serve. HTM encourages interested organizations to view the interview video and to visit their website—where they may use the website’s contact form to schedule a video appointment that includes a demonstration and discussion of how Maudey can be implemented in their practice.

Source: Maudey

Images: Maudey