CI 2017 The CI2017 Pediatric Symposium will be held July 26-29, 2017 at San Francisco Hilton, Union Square. Co-organized by the American Cochlear Implant Alliance (ACIA), the? Stanford University School of Medicine, and University of California San Francisco, the Symposium features a multi-specialty group of clinicians, educators and scientists exploring current topics having the greatest impact on improving pediatric cochlear implant outcomes.

This year, the Symposium will be organized around six themes:

  • Music: Improving perception and appreciation
  • Technology: Improving CI results in an increasingly interconnected world.
  • Cognition: Improving our understanding of language development and central plasticity.
  • Outcomes: Improving the use of metrics for success.
  • Indications: Improving hearing in expanded populations
  • Delivery: Improving efficacy, availability, and efficiency in CI care.

The 3.5 day conference will be organized around these six themes with keynote speakers and podium talks providing research and clinical insights. Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf will lead a panel of technology leaders from the Bay Area to bring additional perspectives on Saturday (Cochlear Implants: A Hidden Technology).

For more information, visit: or the conference website