Sebotek HD2 opt

Second Generation of Sebo HD2

SeboTek introduces its second generation of Sebo HD2 instruments. The new model incorporates many new features that are designed to provide SeboTek’s “best in sound” quality. The HD2 includes both noise reduction as well as speech enhancement technology. It also features a 14 kHz bandwidth and 111 high resolution processing channels. More information is available on SeboTek’s website. (800) 388-9000;



ReSound PhoneClip opt  

Phone Clip+

Made for iPhone*, the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ allows hearing patients to go mobile. With an easy user interface and high sound quality, it allows patients to seamlessly connect a hearing aid to their smart phones. A 3-in-1 accessory, the Phone Clip+ offers binaural control of hearing instruments, music streaming capabilities, and a variety of new phone functionality like call reject and voice dialing. The Phone Clip+ is compatible with all ReSound wireless hearing instruments.

*Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries. (800) 248-4327;



Frye Visible Speech opt  
Hearing Aid Test System
The FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System now features built-in Real Speech testing as part of Visible Speech. This test screen, available to users with the Real-ear 0ption, now includes several different types of pre-recorded speech including ISTS (the new standardized International Speech Test Signal), a Female voice speech passage, a Male voice speech passage, white noise, and pink noise. Live voice testing is also available. Also now available is the ISTS Test screen. This automated test is based on the new ISTS standard for testing hearing aids with a speech-like test signal.  (800) 547-8209;

Widex ZEN2GO opt  
New Tinnitus Management Device
Widex introduces ZEN2GO, a ready-to-wear device designed for people with tinnitus who have normal hearing.  ZEN2GO is a tinnitus management device that uses the Widex patented ZEN Program, a unique sound therapy tool that reportedly has shown promise in the treatment of tinnitus in a published clinical study. ZEN2GO is preprogrammed for a flat 10 dB hearing loss, and can be worn right out of the box, and used in combination with a personalized counseling program. (800) 221-0188;

Power-one opt  
Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries
power one ACCU plus provides a rechargeable option for every size of hearing aid. In a single life cycle, each power one ACCU plus may replace up to 57 conventional primary batteries, delivering voltage and performance comparable to conventional zinc air batteries. Adding to environmental considerations, these rechargeable batteries contain 0% mercury, 0% lead, and 0% cadmium. Featuring a protective stainless steel housing, ACCU plus cells deliver constant performance even after frequent recharging. (800) 468-2782 ext 203;

Maico Easytymp fmt  
New Screener with Extended Probe
The Maico easyTymp® screener includes a new extended probe, enabling clinicians to perform tympanometry, ipsi and contra reflexes, reflex decay, and Eustachian tube function tests, all in a handheld design. The easyTymp Pro comes with preloaded protocols, allowing users to run a series of tests with one press of a button. It is available with or without thermal printer. An upgrade to existing easyTymp screener and optional 1000 Hz probe tone also available.  (888) 941-4201;