The Rochester Institute of Technology, National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), Rochester NY, introduces NTID Speechreading: CID Everyday Sentences Test on DVD to help audiologists and speech pathologists determine lip-reading ability.

The test has roots from 1972, when faculty at the NTID began administering speechreading tests to students, says a statement from NTID. The everyday sentences used for the test originated with the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) in St Louis and the Committee on Hearing and Bioacoustics.

The results help to determine functional receptive communication ability and assist in predicting benefit from speech-language/audiologic therapy, hearing aids, or cochlear implants, said Donald Sims, project editor and audiologist.

The test was initially recorded on 16mm film. Later it was copied onto videotape cassettes. Later, a new recording with the same speaker was made for videodisc. This last recording has now been transferred to DVD so it can be administered on any computer or television.

There are 10 test lists of sentences. A test list can be administered by speechreading alone, when speechreading and listening are combined, or when listening alone.

More information about the DVD is available from AUDiTEC, St Louis, via e-mail or by calling (800) 669-9065.

[Source: NTID]