Madison, Wis — Rayovac has expanded its portfolio of hearing aid batteries with a new mercury-free battery that is designed for cochlear implants. The improved Rayovac cochlear also offers up to 45% more power than the company’s existing standard cochlear product, Rayovac Cochlear Advanced.

According to Rayovac, the new battery is the world’s first mercury free cochlear battery. It was developed alongside Rayovac’s standard mercury free product as part of a multimillion dollar plant and technology development project, and incorporates a new and improved cathode formulation.

In addition to the extra power, Rayovac cochlear mercury free has a higher voltage of 1.45v, which is designed specifically to satisfy the demands of high drain cochlear device users.

Rayovac was recently recognized for its work in developing mercury free hearing aid batteries with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation category, as well as two international Stevie Awards, including the top honor of Environmental Responsibility Program of the Year in Canada and the United States.

“We’re delighted to introduce the latest technology for cochlear implant batteries, 45% more powerful than our previous generation,” said Kevin Kouba, senior sales director for Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries. He added that it meets the new legal requirements for mercury free batteries that are now effective in several states.

SOURCE: Rayovac