December 10, 2007

In July and September of this year, the AFA conducted its “Residential AuD Graduate Survey #1.” The survey was sent to recent residential AuD graduates via e-mail. Seventy-one responses representing 30 of the 70 AuD programs were received.

The results:

  • The average class size and the average number of faculty members for programs was 7.4.
  • On average, there was 1 male per class. Three-fourths of respondents said their undergraduate major prepared them for their AuD program.
  • Almost one-third of respondents thought their AuD program did not prepare them well in particular areas.
  • On average, there were only 1 to 2 AuD faculty members on staff at programs, but 5 to 6 PhD faculty members, many of whom had little or no “practical real-world experience with treating patients,” according to respondents.

Graduates listed numerous areas in which they would like to see change:

  • Better and more available courses on cochlear implants, vestibular problems, pediatric audiology, and practice management
  • More time for clinical practicum in the first three years of the program
  • More time to discuss research-related information
  • More help finding externship sites
  • More faculty with practical experience