Nurotron Biotechnology Co Ltd, a maker of cochlear implant systems based in Hangzhou, China, announced that it has won a tender that will result in its largest order for cochlear implants to date. Norotron reports that the order is from the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, a central government association, for nearly 2,000 cochlear implants (CI).

Venus Cochlear Implant from Nurotron

Venus Cochlear Implant from Nurotron

Nurotron’s Venus Cochlear Implant System is said to be an effective solution for children and adults suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. The company holds the CE mark in Europe, and has received approval to sell its CI system in China, Colombia, India, Turkey, and Venezuela. The Venus cochlear implant is not yet FDA approved for sale in the United States.

The recent order of 2,000 implants is slated for children, aged 6 and under, according to Nurotron. The company reports that throughout the next year, hospitals in provinces across China will fit children who can benefit from the technology.

Nurotron will manufacture the systems at its existing facilities and its new 323,000-square-foot complex in Zhejiang Hangzhou, China. The new complex, which is scheduled to open in 2016, will increase the company’s space by ten-fold. Staffing will increase by a factor of 10 as well, with Nurotron employing 3,000 people at the new facility. The company’s research and development center is located in Irvine, Calif.

“The expansion was designed to position Nurotron for rapid growth and large orders, exactly like this one from the China Disabled Persons’ Federation,” said Nurotron CEO Chu Li. “Nurotron is poised to provide safe, reliable cochlear implants as demand for the technology grows, and is especially grateful to be able to help so many children in need.”

Source: Nurotron Biotechnology Co Ltd 

Image credit: Nurotron