October 15, 2007

VALENCIA, Calif — Advanced Bionics unveiled an online resource for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing: www.BionicEar.com. The new, easy-to-navigate Web site invites individuals with hearing loss and their families, cochlear implant recipients and candidates, and healthcare and education professionals alike to learn about cochlear implants.

The Internet has become a powerful tool for patients seeking alternative treatments. “BionicEar.com serves as a trusted source to people who are seeking hearing solutions,” says Jeff Greiner, president and co-CEO of Advanced Bionics. “BionicEar.com is filled with valuable educational information and resources that provide the knowledge and support needed on the journey to better hearing.”

A key feature of the updated Web site is “The Journey to Hearing,” which serves as a guide to coping with hearing loss and the cochlear implant treatment option. The Journey to Hearing is separated into four, simple steps: Learning, Choosing, Getting, and Living with Cochlear Implants. Each section provides a more thorough understanding of the treatment options, the decisions faced when choosing a cochlear implant, and life with a cochlear implant. The Web site also contains other relevant resources such as a clinic locator, support information, and personal stories of those who have benefited from cochlear implants.

“We are excited to unveil an industry-leading online resource where people can quickly and easily access pertinent information during every step of their hearing journey,” says Patricia Trautwein, AuD, director of the Bionic Ear Association (BEA), a support network for cochlear implant candidates, recipients and families. "Not only are we striving to advance hearing technology, we are also committed to providing the high-quality, comprehensive resources and tools our patients need to maximize their hearing potential.”

To view the new Web site and learn more about the new Harmony™ HiResolution® Bionic Ear System with the HiRes Fidelity 120™ sound processing, visit: www.BionicEar.com.

Source: Advanced Bionics