For the 36 million Americans who have mild to severe hearing loss, using the phone is often fraught with stress, avoided, or completely abandoned. PowerTel 500 from Amplicom USA, Wantagh, NY, is suitable for consumers with varying degrees of hearing loss and the aging population in general.

The PowerTel series of corded and cordless amplified phones and related products offer  noise and interference reduction for clear communication.

They are are compatible with hearing aids and cochlear implants and meet the TIA-1083 standard for compatibility, which was developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association in conjunction with the Hearing Loss Association of America

The phones feature yourSOUND multiple hearing profiles, allowing settings to be adjusted, remembered, and switched with the touch of a button for different members of a household; and DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommmunications) technology, an interference-free frequency. which is standard in Europe.

Each phone features a big button, high-contrast keypad, a bright LED display, and an extra loud visual ringer.

Accessories designed for those with hearing loss include analogue and digital alarm clocks with extra-loud alarms and wireless vibrating pads.

[Source: Amplicom]