Advanced Bionics (AB), Valencia, Calif, has partnered with Skinit Inc, San Diego, to offer custom-made covers for Harmony and Auria cochlear implant sound processors.

With Skinit designs, recipients can customize processors to match their mood or wardrobe, or to simply make a fashion statement.

“As a company, we focus on offering the most advanced technology and the best possible hearing experience to our recipients,” said Jeffrey H. Greiner, CEO of Advanced Bionics, in a statement from the company. “We’re excited to now offer far more customization options than any other cochlear implant manufacturer.”

Processors can be dressed with favorite colors, sports teams, motifs, or works of art. From patriotic flags to popular movie characters, from leopard prints to college team logos, and much more, the Skinit Web site offers hundreds of designs to choose from or the option to upload graphics for a unique look. The designs are a new addition to the 20 colorful caps and covers already available from AB.

Click here for more information about the covers.

AB’s Harmony features sophisticated technology to bring clearer, high-resolution sound to the severely-to-profoundly deaf, said AB. It is designed to help recipients hear well in everyday settings such as busy offices, noisy classrooms, and bustling restaurants.

Skinit specializes in on-demand personalization technology, including the manufacture and distribution of customized products for electronic devices. The company’s online ordering and customization tools allow consumers to create branded, designed, and personalized electronic device covers, or skins, using 3M products.

[Source: AB]