General Hearing Instruments Inc (GHI), New Orleans, offers the Tranquil Simplicity micropoly tube OTE featuring the Tranquil broadband tinnitus sound generator.

The free-field soft sound dome leaves the ear canal virtually open, delivering clean, stable sound while allowing wearers to hear surrounding sounds in a normal manner, says the company.

Simplicity features the patented Tranquil circuit, which provides a soothing sound quality, a sound similiar to running water, says GHI.

The device offers a secure fit for extended wear time, and since it is not custom fit, it allows for same-day fitting scenarios. If amplification is needed to accomodate a hearing loss, tinnitus combo devices are available that provide continous tinnitus relief and sound amplification.

Tranquil Combo is a tinnitus combination instrument for patients who have hearing loss and tinnitus/hyperacusis. It combines high-tech amplification circuits with a quality sound generator in a cost-effective, in-the-ear device, says GHI. Combo is available in GHI’S  open-ear design or a closed shell with venting, depending on the hearing loss. Several amplification circuits are available, including digital, with one or two manual controls.

[Source: General Hearing]