Honeywell, Smithfield, RI, has introduced its new Howard Leight FirmFit™ earplugs, featuring a softer, more comfortable fit and better noise protection than the leading classic-style foam earplugs, according to the company. HR HowardLeightFirmFit090513

Reportedly an advance in classic-style foam earplugs, Howard Leight FirmFit is designed to enhance the wearing experience for individuals who prefer a firmer fit in order to “feel” their earplugs in their ears, and who are accustomed to the familiar cylindrical or barrel-shaped earplug.

“The new Howard Leight FirmFit earplugs are significantly more comfortable, provide more effective hearing protection, and exert less pressure in your ear canal than the older foam models that workers have used for years,” said Rachel Newport, senior product marketing manager of Honeywell Safety Products. “The bottom line is this: The more comfortable the earplug, the longer workers will wear it. That’s more protection for employees—and greater compliance for safety managers—a win-win for everyone.”

According to Honeywell, independent lab tests revealed that, compared to classic foam earplugs, the new FirmFit earplugs are:

  • 40% softer than the leading classic-style foam earplugs;
  • More comfortable with less pressure in the ear canal, due to 29% lower expansion pressure;
  • The best-in-class for noise protection, with the highest attenuation, 30 NRR dB, in the category.

In addition, FirmFit is reportedly easy to roll down and insert, with plenty of time to adjust for a proper fit; bright orange in color for high-visibility identification; and available in corded and uncorded versions.

Workers are urged to try, compare, and feel the difference of FirmFit earplugs for themselves by requesting a complimentary “Ear-To-Ear Challenge” kit at Each kit contains a week’s worth, or 5 pair, of FirmFit earplugs. Workers are encouraged to wear FirmFit for a week in place of their current foam earplugs and share their experience online.

Howard Leight FirmFit earplugs are available immediately from industrial safety distributors in the United States and Canada.

Source: Honeywell