Unitron's Stride BTE hearing aids

Unitron’s Stride BTE hearing aids

Unitron, a Canada-based developer of hearing solutions, unveiled Stride, its new family of BTE and ITE hearing instruments built on the North sound processing platform. Unitron reports that Stride follows the company’s patient-centric design philosophy and utilizes technologies that let patients focus on conversations in all listening environments.

Unitron's Stride ITE hearing aids

Unitron’s Stride ITE hearing aids

According to Unitron, Stride joins the Moxi product family on the North platform, offering a BTE that has intuitive controls and an ITE that incorporate the company’s premium technology in smaller styles, including a 10A wireless directional.

The Stride family of BTE hearing instruments reportedly have natural sound for conversations in two wireless 13 battery options. Stride P pairs design with dual controls and Stride P Dura offers moisture resistance and durability with style. Stride ITE hearing instruments are designed to be customized for comfort, and include new volume control, push button, plasma coating, and microphone ports that reduce moisture and debris ingress to improve the patient experience.

According to Unitron, Stride is paired with solutions such as Flex and Log It All that are designed to grow trust, motivate patients to act, increase patient satisfaction and, ultimately, build practices. Log It All, a data logging solution, enhances Flex by allowing hearing care providers to gather information from a patient’s experiences wearing hearing instruments to create evidence-based conversations about their lifestyle and technology level choices.

Log It All Patient View Screen

Log It All Patient View Screen

New patient-facing screens within the Log It All solution allow clinicians to paint a picture for an individual of their daily listening behaviors and patterns, with the intention of enriching patient conversations.

“Stride’s patient-centric design brings new BTEs and ITEs to market, rounding out Unitron’s offerings on the North platform,” said Bruce Brown, global vice president of marketing, Unitron. “This new fresh product family gives our customers a wide range of style options and even more avenues to help their patients enjoy, understand, and take part in conversations in multiple listening environments. Coupled with Flex and Log It All, Stride offers hearing care providers a truly differentiated offering that boosts in-clinic success and enhances the patient experience.”

Source: Unitron