ReSound Enya wireless hearing aids

ReSound Enya

The GN ReSound headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark announced the global launch of ReSound Enya hearing aids with features and wireless technologies that were previously only available at higher price points, but are now available in lower-priced solutions.

According to GN ReSound, the Enya hearing aid provides good sound quality in discreet, durable models that are designed to meet the challenges of an active lifestyle. The company says that Enya is an affordable device that offers good performance, comfort, and ease of use with advanced connectivity. The Enya is intended to provide users with clear speech and a comfortable listening experience in everyday situations both indoors and out. Users can stream sound from the TV, mobile phone or music player directly to the ReSound Enya hearing aids with ReSound Unite wireless accessories, and use a smartphone to control the hearing aid volume and program settings with the ReSound Control app, paired with the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+.

The company reports that Enya hearing aids can also provide relief from tinnitus with the in-built Tinnitus Sound Generator.

ReSound ENZO

ReSound ENZO

ReSound announced that it also recently introduced ReSound ENZO2, a smart hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. ReSound ENZO2 builds on the capabilities of ReSound LiNX2, a line of Made for iPhone hearing aids. According to the company, wearers experience a sense of space and speech with Spatial Sense, and have access to direct streaming of sounds to their hearing aids, including music and phone calls. ReSound ENZO2 is controlled by the ReSound Smart app, which provides on-the-go personalization directly from a user’s smartphone, or from the wrist using the app extension for Apple Watch.

The company reports that ReSound ENZO2 is available to US consumers immediately and coming soon to additional markets around the world.

The ReSound Control app is available for free and compatible with iOS and Android devices. For more information about the ReSound Enya, visit the GN ReSound website. For more information about ReSound Smart Hearing solutions, including ReSound ENZO2 and the ReSound Smart app, visit the ReSound US website.

Source: GN ReSound Denmark