Sonic Alert, Troy, Mich, introduces the new AmpliPOWER60T multifunction telephone with extra amplification and tone control—which has an extremely loud receiving volume control of up to 67dB and receiving tone control of + 10dB, says the company. 

Consumer testing has found that it offers excellent clarity of sound, according to the company.

The phone is hearing aid compatible and designed to help those with a high-frequency hearing loss. Features include outgoing speech-volume control, adjustable ringer level and tone, a bright visual ringer indicator, a high-contrast big-button keypad, and a hands-free dialing feature with speakerphone.

A shaker output feature allows for connection to an optional bed vibrator. The phone has an inductive T-coil in the handset and is compatible with all hearing aids within a telecoil facility, says the company.

[Source: Sonic Alert]